The Benefits of Yellow Split Peas

The Benefits of Yellow Split Peas

One of the best ways to enjoy yellow split peas is by eating them in split pea soup. You can keep the soup entirely vegetarian, or if preferred, feel free to add some type of meat, such as pork or ham. No matter what you add, you should end up with a thick bowl of yummy tasting soup.

Yellow split peas have been around for millions of years. In fact, they were consumed even during prehistoric times. Some of the more common places the peas have been discovered during archaeological digs include Rome and Asia. It was during the 19th century that the little peas played a major role in the studies carried out by Gregor Mendal.

When it comes to making sure yellow split peas are preserved, it is important to make sure they have been:

- Dried out
- Reaped
- Unwrapped
- Riven in half

After doing all of this, the nutrients in the peas will be conserved to the highest degree possible.

Due to a lower amount of chlorophyll than what is found in green peas, yellow split peas tend to be more mild in flavor. Because of this difference in flavor, many people have discovered yellow split peas make for a good soup base. In addition, there are people who often use them to make hollows and spreads. When it comes to having high amounts of nutrients, these types of peas most certainly do, with fiber and vitamins be extremely high in content.


In a single cup of yellow split peas, you will find over 30 percent of the recommended intake of folate that you are supposed to consume on a daily basis. Due to this high level of folate, yellow split peas are well known for for reducing the risk of birth defects as well as for helping prevent coronary disease. With significant levels of thiamine, the peas help to improve both your mental and physical functions. Without a healthy level of thiamine in your body, you are likely to endure heart-related and/or neurological problems.


It is also in a single cup of yellow split peas that you will find nearly 16 grams of fiber; this is more than 60 percent of your daily recommended amount. By consuming just one cup on a daily basis, you can greatly decrease your chances of developing gastrointestinal diseases and heart disease. Furthermore, you can lessen your likelihood of suffering from a stroke. If you happen to be on a diet, you are in luck. The peas are extremely helpful in losing weight.

Iron and Anemia

Of your daily recommended amount of iron, a cup of yellow split peas can provide you with nearly 14 percent of it. Iron is extremely important because it helps your body to produce hemoglobin, which in turn transport oxygen throughout your body. Without healthy levels of iron in your body, you very well may suffer from anemia, feel tired and/or irritable as well as often feel light-headed.

Complex Carbohydrates

Once again, when it comes to your daily recommended amount of carbohydrates, a cup of yellow split peas can provide you with 14 percent of it. The benefits of having your recommended dose of carbs include having good levels of energy. In fact, by consuming your recommended dose through complex carbs instead of regular carbs, your energy level is more likely to stay consistent than fluctuate throughout the day. If you happen to be diabetic, take comfort in knowing yellow split peas can be of the utmost benefit for this condition because they will help you keep your blood sugar levels stabilized.

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